Unnbjörg Signar (ユンビョルク・シグナル), mostly referred by her nickname Yuna (ユナ), is an Álfur and a friend and schoolmate of Rotte, Asuha, Míst and Lukka. She is normally the voice of reason when she is with Míst and Lukka.

In the anime, her seiyu is Ryo Hirohashi.


Yuna keeps a somewhat of a tomboy appearance with her short hair, small breasts and her habit of using spats almost all the time. She normally wears T-back panties, except in summer when she keeps only her spats. In the anime her hair and eye color is green, while in colored illustrations of the manga her hair is periwinkle with light purple eyes. She is mostly seen in her school uniform and has the pointy ears of the Álfur.


Yuna is the daughter of Baron Signar. Attending at the same school as Míst and Lukka, the three of them were already good friends by the time Asuha joins the school. With Asuha's assistance, they manage to become good friends with Rotte.


Yuna is the voice of reason among Míst, Lukka and herself, normally having to deal with the follies of the two, particularly Míst. Like Rotte, she has a complex about her small breast size, even more accentuated when she is in the presence of Míst who is the same age as her. Yuna is an athletic girl that is particularly good in grappling. She is never shown to have an interest in Naoya and she is always ready to help Rotte.