Olav Friðmar (オラフ・フリズマール), mostly referred by his first name Olav, is an old Álfur who acts as the main Majordomo of Rotte's manor. Due to his advanced age and fragile back, he now handles less duties and is almost retired, with most activities left to Effie and . Prior to Naoya's arrival, Olav was the only male that Rotte could bear.

In the anime, his seiyu is Cho.


Olav is a tall elf with gray hair and a ponytail. He has a distinguished moustache and a goatee in a handlebar and chin puff style. He wears a typical butler's attire without jacket. In the anime his eyes are black, while they are gray in the manga.


Olav is known to have been in service of Mercelída when Rotte was a baby. He was the Grand Chamberlain of Rotte's manor a year prior to Naoya's arrival, but had to mostly retire due to his old age and bad back. When Rotte asked to leave the castle to leave in her own quarters, he was the only man that Rotte allowed to stay in her service. This situation remained until the arrival of Naoya, after which she gradually was able to deal with men more easily, to the point of even having Leo as his second harem candidate for a short time.


A calm and caring man with a modest and helpful nature, Olav is like a grandfather figure to Rotte. He is very enthusiastic in whatever activity he does and tries to keep as active as possible, but his back mostly leaves he unable to do as much as he would like.

He deeply cares for the well being of Rotte, knowing her since her birth. On one occasion, Olav displays his competitive character with Naoya, but since the competition demanded doing crunches, his back couldn't hold for long and had to give up quickly.