Nana Lítillköttur (ナーナ・リテルケット) is a student in the women's Royal College of Ygvarland where she is a photographer and a member of the Film Club. She is acts like a female version of Níls, both sharing a penchant for watching beautiful young girls in titillating situations.

Nana does not appear in the TV series or the OVA.


Nana is a petite Varköttur or werecat. She has cat-like ears above her head and a cat tail that's normally hidden under her skirt. She is mostly seen in school uniform. Her hair has a light color and her face always shows rosy cheeks. Her eyes have a heart-shaped sparkle that hides her true personality.


Always smiling, Nana hides behind her innocent appearance and demeanor a lecherous side that looks to peek at beautiful young girls either naked or in compromising positions. Nana has a charming personality that allows her to entice girls into doing naughty poses or to allow them to photograph them naked.


When Rotte, Elíka and Míst are called by Enja to be the models of the new uniforms designed by Mercelída, the principal also has Nana there to take photographs of the girls to eventually have a vote with all students of the school to select the new uniform. Enja eventually leaves to attend a guest and leaves everything in the hands of Nana. At that point, Nana starts using her flattering skills to convince the girls to pose in more provocative ways. Having succumbed to her blandishments, Nana convinces them to kiss each other at the same time, telling them that kisses between girls don't count towards a girl's first kiss. As they are about to do it, Nana can't restrain herself any longer and jumps at them with the intention of joining. Before that happens, however, Níls, who was peeking with pleasure at the situation, slips and falls from the ceiling, colliding head-to-head with Nana, knocking both of them out and awakening the girls from their trance.

When the school finishes the construction of onsen facilities, Enja invites Rotte and her friends to test the facilities. Naoya and Leo go to the men's section of the facilities, but Asuha stops Leo, keeping him with the girls. While the girls (and a reluctant Leo) are enjoying the onsen in swimsuits prepared by the principal, Nana appears out of nowhere and starts photographing Míst (who is wearing a micro swimsuit). According to her, the principal entrusted her with taking photographs to commemorate the opening of the baths. When the principal enters with them, they notice that she is naked. Enja comments that there is no obligation to wear a swimsuit, so they all take their swimsuits, to the delight of Nana, who starts taking photos for a special collector's edition set, and the consternation of Leo, who tries to escape but is captured by Asuha who takes his swimsuit off.