Monika Krímnirs (モネカ・クリームニルス) is the mother of Leo. Her wish is to become part of the royal family of Yvarland by having Leo marry Rotte.

Monika doesn't appear in the TV series or the OVA.


Monika is a middle-aged plump woman. Like the other Varhund, she has dog ears, though they look more like a hair extension or a ribbon of dark color that contrasts with her light colored hair.


Monika appears to be more interested in improving the social standing of her family than their happiness. When his older son eloped with another man, he forced her younger son to act more masculine as the future head of the house. When the chance came, she proposed his son as a harem candidate without even once consulting Leo.


The Viscountess Krímnirs, finds out that Rotte has started a harem, so she proposes Leo as a new candidate for the harem with the intention of eventually becoming a part of the royal family as a fraternal relative once her son married the princess. Judit accepts the offer since this would be an opportunity to put pressure on Naoya to force him to act more aggressively towards Rotte, but this doesn't work as she planned. Eventually, Leo, having developed self confidence thanks to Naoya's influence, decides to quit the harem and tells Judit to use his disposition as the reason to fire him in order to discourage his mother from further attempts.