Kisulora Býfluga (キシュローラ・ビーフルガ) is an infiltrated agent that works for Rúrik and assists him in his efforts to force a coup d'état in Ygvarland.

Kisulora does not appear in the TV series or the OVA.


Like all Nótt Álfur, she has dark skin. While not as voluptuous as Mercelída, Míst or the Kýlbringa, Kisulora is a very attractive young woman that exudes a sultry disposition. She wears a short crop top and a miniskirt that shows the garter belt holding her stockings. She has long hair with two small ponytails.


As an infiltrated spy, Kisulora's true personality is never fully shown. But it is shown that she loves Rúrik, despite him not loving her back, and she's willing to use her body to entice other men in order to help Rúrik.


When Naoya and are running some errands in the city, they come across Kisulora. Cú comments on how sexy she is, to which Naoya answers that Cú is plenty cute. That night, in an unidentified bedroom, Killeffer tells Kisulora that he was able to get Breda promoted to colonel as she had requested. They then proceed to have intercourse. Later that same night, Kisulora reports to Rúrik that everything went as planned. He asks her if sleeping with a man she doesn't love is hard, to which she replies that doing something for Rúrik is never too hard for her. As a reward, Rúrik tells her that he will also sleep with someone he doesn't love and both sleep together.