Karínborg Heilmut (カリンボルク・ヘイルムート), referred by her nickname Karín (カリン), is a member of the Garden of Peaches (桃の園), a secret club of the Royal College of Ygvarland that's also known as the Front for the Liberation from Restraints (束縛からの解放戦線) and object of several investigations by the Celestial Bodies Research Club.

Karín doesn't appear in the TV series or the OVA.


Karín is a young girl with slightly dark hair that is arranged in pigtails, drill hair style. She is seen using a cheerleading uniform and the school uniform. Like other Álfur, she has pointy ears and a clear skin.


Karín has a carefree personality and seems more bold than Míst regarding her preference to go commando.


A few days before a sports festival takes place, an emergency meeting of the Garden of Peaches is held. Birtna acts as the moderator while Karín and Míst act as the representatives of the radical and moderate factions respectively. Karín argues in favor of the cheerleaders that are members of the secret club going commando when performing during the festival. Míst is against this and argues that their activities should be subtle. Birtna then ask them both to lay their arguments freely since this decision will be an important one as it will expose the secret club if the radical faction position is followed.

Míst argues that "going commando" as to be done discreetly and has to be slightly embarrassing to develop the soul, while Karín counters that fully embracing the cause also develops the soul and that cheerleading with no panties will only barely show a vague outline without the need to be ashamed since it would be treated as an artistic performance. Míst then accuses Karín of being a perverted lady, so Karín answer that Míst is a lecher in the closet. Seeing that an agreement wouldn't be possible in such a short time, Birtna decides to consult the Grand Master of the Garden of Peaches: Asuha.

The three of them listen to Asuha explain that, to her, "going commando" is about feeling more in tune with nature, not about exhibitionism. In that moment, Asuha that she is wearing panties and still being true to herself since she is following her heart. Karín and Míst agree that they lost the essence behind "going commando".

During the sports festival, both Karín and Míst wear panties, although, curiously, Asuha, who was also cheerleading, didn't wear panties herself that day since it didn't feel natural for her, so Rotte and Naoya force her to put them on before doing more cheerleading.