Irmingard Snorrevík (イルミンガルド・スノーレヴィク) is Judit's younger sister and Rotte's physician. She is primarily called by her nickname Irmi (イルミ). Irmi appears to be lesbian, always enjoying working with girls and never once showing interest in Naoya.

Irmi does not appear in the anime adaptation.


Irmi looks like a young woman with short hair, glasses, and a white coat.


A jovial person, Irmi enjoys working with young girls, so she's always happy when she does the physicals to Rotte's staff. She is a serious physician who, nonetheless, has not that much experience with human boys since she had never treated one before Naoya.

While in appearance, she has more quirks than her sister, Irmi doesn't share the sadistic personality of Judit nor does she have the traumatic experiences of her sister.


A Forn Álfur from a noble family like her older sister Judit, Irmi is the physician assigned to Rotte and her staff.

She is happy to do the physical examinations of girls, but gets thrown for a loop when Judit asks her to examine Naoya. While she does the regular examinations on him, Judit insists that they inspect Naoya's manhood as that's the most important part for his duties with Rotte. While Irmi is not convinced of the necessity of this, she notices that her sister's sadistic switch has been turned on and she is unable to stop Judit, until Rotte catches her in the act.

Later on, when Naoya falls sick with fever, she hypothesizes that it might be a cold, but Judit believes it must be due to abstaining himself from releasing his sexual impulses.