Ingólfur Magni (インゴルヴ・マグニ) is one of the ministers of Ygvarland's government. He attends the orders of queen Mercelída, constantly getting agitated with Mercelída impulsive actions and sexual innuendos towards foreign dignitaries.


Ingolfur is an old chubby Álfur with grayish-white hair and a mustache. His eyes are always almost closed. He is always portrayed as worried for something that Mercelída has done or said.


Ingolfur is shown as a serious minister that is constantly worried about Mercelída's style of rule and etiquette. Despite this, he is shown to be very loyal and capable at his work.


Ingolfur is the the Grand Chamberlain of Hildr castle. He was already working there before Mercelída was crowned. He is constantly worried about bureaucratic matters that Mercelída leaves around to him and other ministers and has to deal with most of the heavy stuff regarding the day-to-day government.