Þorhelga Svarthæð (ソルヘルガ・スヴァルトヘイズ), mostly called by her nickname Helga (ヘルガ), is a Nótt Álfur and a princess of the country of Svarthæð. The second oldest offspring of King Sveinn, she handles most run-of-the-mill government affairs while constantly keeping an eye on her younger brother Sigurð with Dóra's help.

In the anime, her seiyu is Ryoko Shiraishi.


Helga is a tall young fit woman with brown skin like all Nótt Álfur. Her normal garment is a revealing attire similar to a one-piece swimsuit adorned with an apron while wearing visible suspender belts, stockings and arm warmers. She has long black hair with a ponytail. Her eyes are red in the anime.


Helga is the princess of the Kingdom of Svarthæð. Her father is Sveinn, her older brother is Rúrik, her younger brother is Sigurð and her younger half-sister is Críe. After Sveinn requests Mercelída for it, she acts as Svarthæð's ambassador in Ygvarland.

She is an expert in martial arts, in particular karate, and is able to defeat several foes barehanded by herself. She has no romantic experience and, according to Sigurð and Rúrik, she is a virgin. This is in great part due to a father complex as she only does feminine actions to attract her father's attention. After Naoya helps her deal with Rúrik advances, she gets intensely attracted towards him. This is further exacerbated when he assists her in combat when dealing with some mercenaries, finding a man that is both gentle and strong. Nevertheless, she gets surprised and depressed when she find out that Naoya is already a father.


Helga is a strong-minded person and stays calm and thoughtful most of the time. She takes action whenever she has to control Sigurð.

Like Zelda, Helga has a strong father complex, but, contrary to the former, she does fall in love with Naoya. Her love for Naoya grows each time she sees him, even when he ask her assistance to help Rotte. Being the first time that she is truly in love, she is immature and her normally cool behavior becomes fidgety when thinking about Naoya. When doing anything for her father, she tries many feminine thing that she normally doesn't do. She is extremely uncomfortable when she is alongside Rúrik and gets along very well with both Dóra and Críe.