Hákon Drakul Draupnils IV (ハーコン・ドラクール・ドレイプニルスIV世) is the current count of the house of Draupnils and the father of Elíka.

Hákon does not appear in the TV series or the OVA.


Hakón is a Vampíra, a vampire. The count of noble upbringing, he wears formal noble attire with a cape included, like a stereotypical Count Dracula. He is tall and slim and has an elegant moustache. A small part of his hair is white, above his forehead.


Hakón is a doting father that cares about her daughter. Normally a serious person, he gets flustered when her daughter is not normal. He is loyal to Mercelída's government and helps them when the need arises.


Hakón makes his first appearance in the manga in his bat form. Desperately flying around in order to find the culprit that took his daughter's first (her first time sucking blood), he encounters Rotte, Asuha, Míst, Lukka, Yuna and Naoya at the school. He explains them that, while dinning, Elíka refused to it much. Worried about her, Hakón follows her to her room to see what's wrong, and finds out that she apparently had taken blood directly from another person for the first time. Due to the way he says things, the others thing he is referring to Elíka's losing her virginity, and they become dumbfounded when the Count accuses Naoya of being the culprit. After taking the bandage of his nape, Hakón confirms that, indeed, Naoya was her daughter's first. When the others find that it was about sucking blood, they don't understand what's the big fuss about, until Hakón explains that for Vampíra sucking blood instead of drinking harvested blood is the same as making a bow and, therefore, the customary practice is for the people involved to get married, so he reluctantly tries to force Naoya to marry Elíka. Rotte immediately protests and it becomes clear to Hakón that Elíka simply made a blunder and accepts to treat the incident as a bite from a stray dog.

Later on, when Ygvarland is threatened by a coup d'état attempt, Hakón accepts to receive and protect a fleeing Rotte accompanied by most of her staff since the house of Draupnils is a close ally of the royalty of Ygvarland.