Eldór Emilson (エルドール・エミルソン), simply called by his first name through the series, is the cousin of Úrsúla and the personal aide of Kirik. Like his cousin, he is a Varhund.

His role in the story is completely eliminated in the anime.


Eldór is a tall an slim young man. His hair is black and, like all Varhund, he has an extra pair of dog ears in his head. He is two years younger than he cousin Úrsúla and slightly taller. He is always wearing glasses or sunglasses and is mostly seen in his military uniform.


Despite being one year younger than Kirik and a first lieutenant, Eldór is relegated to the role of Kirik's aide. He always assists Kirik in whatever crazy plan he has. Their relationship is mostly like a double act: the higher ranked Kirik is always the funny man and Eldór always ends up playing the straight man despite being lower ranked. This is always seen through the series.

Often lead into troubles by Kirik, Eldór remains calm and has a cool behavior. His cousin Úrsúla is often embarrassed at him by the situations in which he gets involved. Nevertheless, Eldór has an amount of respect for Kirik, more noticeable when they assist Queen Mercelída and Úrsúla to escape after they are detained in a coup attempt.


He is a serious man that gets constantly worried by Kirik's antics. Much like her cousin Úrsúla, he always keeps his cool.