The Varhund or Weredog, referred also as Inumazoku(犬魔族, Dog demon tribe) in Japanese, is one of the most common races in Álfheimr.

The Varhund are humanoids with dog ears growing in both sides of the head. It's unknown if the dog ears have more than a cosmetic purpose. Like most residents of Álfheimr, they have pointy ears, although less marked than most other races. Like dog breeds, there are many subspecies of Varhund that differentiate from one and other by the size and form of the ears, having probably the most variety among the "Var" races.

An special trait of the Varhund is that women of the race commonly posses male genitalia besides her female features, making them futanari.

"Varhund" comes from Icelandic "Var" from "Varúlfur" (werewolf) and "Hund" (dog) and it means "man-dog".

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