An anime adaption of the original manga of Rotte no Omocha! under the title of Astarotte no Omocha! (アスタロッテのおもちゃ!, Astarotte's Toy!) began airing on Chiba TV and tk on April 10, 2011, with subsequent broadcasts by Sun Television, TV Saitama, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, Nico Nico Channel, Bandai Channel, and AT-X. Produced by Diomeda, the series's director: Fumitoshi Oizaki, series compostion: Deko Akao, music: Twinpower, character design: Mai Atsuka, produced by: Goro Shinjuku, Jun Fukada, Naoki Iijima, Takashi Kikuya and Tatsuya Ishiguro, respectively. The opening theme is "Tenshi no CLOVER" by Aimi and the ending theme is "Manatsu no Photograph" by azusa.

An extra story sequel was released in OVA format on 2011-09-07 under the title Astarotte no Omocha! EX.

Difference from the mangaEdit

The story of the anime, heavily deviated from the original manga. Several situations have been changed as well as the order of events. All smutty humor as been toned down and the participation of many characters was either downplayed, like Elíka's or completely omitted, like Kirik's. The personalities and attitudes of some characters are noticeable changed, specially noticeable in Mercelída's case where her natural lustful behavior is almost completely removed. The tone of the series in general has been severely modified and the spiciness has been removed in favor of a more sentimental approach, making the anime more humorless and less appealing without the quirky comical aspect that was removed as a result of the change of tone.

Other specific cases are:

  • When Mercelída returns to Rotte's manor to meet Rotte, she finds instead Asuha and Naoya. In the manga, Mercelida is specifically looking for Naoya to "feast" on him.
  • Ini first appears when Naoya and the rest are looking for a way to go to Miðgarðr to retrieve Rotte who got stuck there. In the manga, Judit can freely move to Miðgarðr and Rotte doesn't even set foot in Midgard. Ini is first encountered when Judit request that Naoya goes to the Great Sage to ask about Yggdrasil working again as a a passage between worlds.


No. Title Release date
01 "The exclamation of our meeting"
"Deai no Exclamation" (出会いのエクスクラメーション)
10 April 2011
02 "The first semicolon"
"Hajimete no semicolon" (初めてのセミコロン)
17 April 2011
03 "Parentheses of passing"
"Sure Chigai no Paren" (すれ違いのパーレン)
24 April 2011
04 "Ampersand of the party"
"Party no Ampersand" (パーティーのアンパサンド)
1 May 2011
05 "Quotation of crossing"
"Kosa no Quotation" (交差のクォーテーション)
8 May 2011
06 "Caret of being lost"
"Tomadoi no Caret" (戸惑いのカレット)
15 May 2011
07 "Secret apostrophe"
"Naisho no Apostrophe" (内緒のアポストロフィ)
22 May 2011
08 "Forceful comma"
"Tsuyoki no Comma" (強気のカンマ)
29 May 2011
09 "Slight fever backslash"
"Binetsu no Backslash" (微熱のバックスラッシュ)
5 June 2011
10 "Adjacent fist"
"Tonari Doshi no Fist" (隣同士のフィスト)
12 June 2011
11 "A full stop for the two of us"
"Futarikkiri no Full Stop" (二人っきりのフルストップ)
19 June 2011
12 "An asterisk beyond the sky"
"Sora-goshi no Asterisk" (空越しのアスタリスク)
26 June 2011


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